Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm the Woman!

I've passed my Cocktail unit in class today, another one bites the dust!

Only another three to go and I've covered everythign, if I'll pass is a nother matter. Food and Bev I'm confident about, I know my food. Wine evaulation ahs me bothered, I give a tutired tasting tomorrow on wine. And then the day after it is coaching others, not looking forward to that one at all.

So far so good, I will come out with a certificate with something on it.

When blogger is being less disagreeable I will post the rest of the Smokey Joes pictures.
As for Fitknit's question, well, my fellow coven goers are a bit fo a rabble rousing lot....Oh wait did you mean Captian Denny and The Matt?????

However on the downside I awoke this morning to disocever my cold had returned with a vengance! Hence my cocktail today was a Tart Vengance. A little true to it's name, in future we will avoid soda water and go for lemon squash.

Today was Knitting Coven day, and I didn't get to go, but the very lovely Cndy me a present, it's a very awesome crocheted pot holder with a skull on it! A visit to the Green Woman's blog will reveal it!

As many of you who follow my blog know, I frequently ahve dinner with Ms Stash. Well now it's my turn to cook dinner for once, on Thursday we will be having one of Ainsley's recipes. A very yummy sounding spaghetti bake from his Gourmet Expres 2.

Friday I am meant to be out with my class, I presume were all still going out. (Long story, very long story.)

As for Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. He'll certainly leave a bit of a gap. But I suppose he went boots on figurtivly speaking. Which is how I intend to go.

Plans are a foot to make Nigella's Malteaser Cake, possibly next week and see what it is actually like. It sounds very nice, but then most of her chocolate cake chapter in Feast does. I'm keen to make the Espresso Cakee with cappacino Cream, but fear that may be a private indulgence, as Ms Stash dosen't like coffee....

On Sunday being Fathers day, Ms Stash and I did our duty and made lunch, Beef in Oyster Sauce and Chincken in Lemon Sauce.
So we finally got to try the new deep fryer. The chicken came up beautiful! The plans now are to try a bit of fish, and do our own fish and chips - in a beer batter of course!

Lunch was followed by Pavlova, not form scratch this time, I was a sligtly lazy and bought the magic egg, but he batter fr the lemon chicken provided me with two left over egg whites which are now stashed int eh freezer waiting for more so I can have them ready for my next pav.

What else is on my list? Some knitting of course, after Thursday I should be back into it. I have to finish off some assignments the ext couple of nights and then my life replys to semi normal, hopefully!

Until next time,
A bona fide redhead and damn proud of it.


2paw said...

Too much lovely food!!
Congratulations on the Cocktail Unit Pass-age!!
Bad, bad, bad Non-Pavlova maker you!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Good for you and I am sure you will pass the others with flying colours too :)

We did get very spoilt today at knitting coven by the lady who wears green, she is such a sweetheart.

fitknit said...

Yum, Yum! I love a post that gets the tastebuds going!

And yes, I did mean the lads' behaviour but nice to know your coven colleagues also have issues!