Saturday, September 09, 2006

What a day!

I was visiting a class maye yesterday when I saw the news about Peter Brock, two outstanding Australians in one week!

While not trying to be (I'm not going to try I'm just going to be) a harbinger of doom, these things come in threes.

Ms Stash has vacated herself away for a few days, the Panta pattern confuses me. So I've mooched about reading cookbooks and watching Nigella videos. And periodically shooshing the white cat who is not merely daft but disturbed. I don't know what's got into him today.

A quick search of google provided me with a link to a supplier for the malva non-alcoholic syrups suitable for flavouring mocktails and such. Non-Alcoholic Wine, an Australian supplier of non-alcoholic and dealcohised wine, beer and mixers.
A very interesting site. And not too badly priced I'm looking at $11 including frieght to get the particular bottle I want.

I've also typed up my cocktail recpies so you all can get mixing at home, there over at the Inn so just click here for a direct link.

Reading labels, which is how I orignally found out some suppliers for other products I found out and about and wanted to have at home to use, was the Da Vinci Gourmet syrups. It had a website on it's label, but most of the information relates to it's home country of USA. But it has a massive recipe section, so if short of ideas of how to use your syrups it's the place to look.

Then there is Bondi Chai, I love their cinnamon one! Absolutly delish. They have a website based here in Australia. With recipes no less!!

House has a website, slightly boring I might add. Habitat has one that is much mroe interactive and includes the latest catalogue to look at.

Now somewhere I am going to get lost in is the Fox Run Craftsmen site. That close to that many cookie cutters???

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


C.S.Murthy said...

Hai Suzi,
Im Murthy from India. I had time enough to read the first line of your site regarding 'two Australians'. I dont know about Brock, but I admired the effusive, gushing, boyish Steve Irwin.
Visit my site.

fitknit said...

Hi Suzi,
Yep, I've also had that awful feeling of 'who's next'.

Ta for the recipes!!

2paw said...

Me the three too!! Spooky...

metal and knit said...

well i guess the 3 includes colin thiele thats my saying and i will stick to it. Cocktails sound great cant wait to try some of them out.

Sharon said...

I love cocktails, they are so much fun to make.

I agree with metal and knits comment about Colin Thiele, while maybe not quite as well known as the other two, in the literary world he would be up there!!