Saturday, September 02, 2006

New day dawns and another sets.

I had a rare thing today, a failure form one of Nigella's recipies!

Ms Stash and I made the Arabian Breakfast from Feast, I don't know if my rose water ahs been knockign about too long or if it was the particualr brand but it was like eating perfume. Blah!!!
Waste of what would have otherwsie been a nice piece of watermelon.

I'm very excited, I have been invited to join a new grup blog! By the lovely Ms Fortuknit (who I think I still ahve to tell what season of Boston Legal were up to? I'm not sure the number but Denny has married and divorced Bev, and that was a few weeks maybe a month ago? About 4 episodes ago. If anyone esle can supply more precise details I would be grateful!)
Stigmata Knits is the name, very excited to see what creative impulses we can come up with!

The new MagKnits is up, and unlike the latest Knitty it hasn't taken me an eon to get over and see it, my two picks are Seaside and Inner Truth (which reminds me of my aran ear warmer and also I really liked the colour).

Has anybody else been following Punk Rock Knit Girls? Some of the designs and patterns are amazing! And I have been inspired all over again by a link someone provided for a Skinny Skull Scarf!
And one for if I ever do! A handspun ear warmer with ankhs!

Something very exciting has happened! Yes, the casket lid has been closed and sealed on the Punk Rock Gift Exchange and very soon it'll start!
It's Alive! It's Alive! It's Alive! Igor!!! Quickly fetch my goods for postage!!!


metal and knit said...

It is sooo exciting I will get to make friends with someone and spil them too.

Yes some of the items on Punk Rock Knit Girls are awesome makes my stuff seem so booring.

2paw said...

BL: Second season, nearly at the end...
MagKnits: Like all the socks and Honorine the top?????
A swap!! How exceiting!! I can't wait to see what you might send and receive!!
Not like Nigella at all, is it?????

MrsDrWho said...

The ankh earwarmer is extremely good. I like it a lot. I am now not only finding myself holding balls of wool on feeling tem in public places but now I am going to links on knitting blogs and looking at knitting projects.I think I might have denny Crane mind is going!!!!
You can have Tom Baker...I wont fight you for him!!!!

Cathy said...

I like alllllllllll the sock patterns in Magknits.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.


msfortuknit said...

You are so hard not to adore!! How are you? I think its fantastic that you are so you and happy to be apart of everything thats happening! Do you know how much we adore you? I havent checked out the new magknits lately but I will be off as soon as im fin here!

Thank you for letting me know where you are in the season, I will not spill the beans, I think we are on 3 or 4 here its not been on for sometime, since may or june? Gawd thats the only fantastic thing about the tele!

I love the earmuffs also!
Its stange, So much good stuff goin on right now with good folks, it makes me smile!! Your a good woman Suz'! Thank you for being you