Sunday, September 03, 2006

Put this in your pipe and smoke it!

Well here we have today the long awaited (I'm sure) pictures from the Knitting Coven's Evening Outing for our 2nd Birthday. In no particular order as of yet, and the story will have to unfold as I write.

To start here we have the Chicken Fajitas ordered by Ms Stash.

See her eaing the rice?

Here's Captain Denny with the Chicken Fajitas.

"I'm picking up strange readings from this! Perhaps I should test it? Write about it in my Captian's Log? Captain's Log Year on the 4th day of Frogwiggler, discovered new and amazing dish."

Here we have some maurading cave woman eating ribs....try not to get to close!

Ah, here's THE Matt Hardy with my Beff Fajitas, this is also what Mrs Dr Who who was sitting next to me ordered. They were absolutely delicious!

TMH was not playing nice, I think he was eyeing off Mrs Dr Who's fajitas and planned to steal it while she wasn't looking.

This is the Muddy Creme Brulee! Creme Brulee with a layer of melted chocolate just beneath the surface. I put on my Birthday list last year a Brulee set from one of my local kitchen shops, it was a mini blowtorch and four ramekins. I'm still waiting and suspest I may have to transfer to this year's list, or the mini blowtorch at least!
Make my own creme brulee, Nigella has at least 2 recipies for it. One for a Brulee and another she calls Christmas Brulee.

And now for a minor interruption while I try to get Blogger to upload more pictures!
I saw this book while out and about today and just new I had to add it to my collection, I collect kitschy cookbooks and when I saw Ralph's Tongmaster I had to have a laugh.
Aside from being a BBQ book aimed at the good old Aussie "bloke", the names where too much! Especially in the chapter for cooking to impress women. "Give Mary Her Little Lamb!" - declared one page in bold print. Another bore the title "A Nice Rack!" and was a rack of lamb BBQ'ed.
I'll have to see if it's still there when I go back, otherwise I'll have to see if someone somewhere will order it for me.


2paw said...

At last!! I thought wrestling spies or Klingons(the old type) had stolen the photos!! I have a little kitchen blowtorch: I am too scared to use it!!!

Cathy said...

I haven't had chocolate brulee before.

Was it nice?

I may have to looke for a recipe as I know DH would like it.

The cook book looks like it could be interesting.


MrsDrWho said...

Matt Hardy would have been welcome to a little taste of my beef fajitas. But if he had come near my chocolate creme brulee I would have been forced to apply a little brulee blow torch to his thieving arse!!!!!

metal and knit said...

Food looks great now I wish I had a smokey joes nearby

Sharon said...

That was the first time I tried creme brulee and now a blow torch thingy is on my kitchen gadget list as I am going to have to make some, YUM!!

msfortuknit said...

Thats it im shootin for your summer to come visit while its feezing cold and snowing here and Im turning into a fudgie( a chocolate popcile)!
You guys look like your having a great time! Id love to have a knitting group such as yours near!

Happy birthday!

fitknit said...

Are your little friends ever going to behave when they are out???