Saturday, September 23, 2006

You call that a slab cake???

Unfortunatly the pictures haven't made it from camera to computer yet, so I will have to post the pictures of Captain Denny throwing a surprise party for THE Matt complete with chocolate cake bedecked with sparklers.

Yes THE Matt is another year older, and yes I do celebrate his birthday by having a mini-party by myself because I am a bit of a Nigel. But this year, I had Captain Denny and THE Matt himself to enjoy eating chocolate cake with me.
Does this surprise you dear readers? Maybe not those of you who've been here for the long haul but for new-comers it may seem a little weird.

And also today signals the official one month to my birthday at which I will be another year older....Only a month and I haven't even planned what cake I will have! I might try the chocolate one with espresso cream as featured in Nigella's Feast. I've been keen to try that one.

As for my interview, they were apparetnly hoping for a experienced applicant, but despite that I couldn't bring myself to ask why they'd called me in.
I knew I should have!
However dare I say it lest Mrs Dr Who is overcome with excitement???? (She does talk a lot about the Knitty magazine - it is a tad worrying!) Shaking hands with my interviewer was like holding a damp dishcloth, your shaking hands with someone when you first meet them, I expected a litle more. Or am I just some sort of bone crushing freak??

On a side note I found this exciting post while catchign up on Punk Rock Knit Giirls - Captain Jack Chart. I see a Poster Boy in my future.

That's all for tonight folks! I need my sleep despite the excitment of the party.

Until next time,
A bona fide tired red head and too damn tired to care about anything.


metal and knit said...

I know it is hard to get someone who has a decent firm handshake not the bone crusher not the limp fish but a decent firm confident hand shake. Dont worry its all experience.

2paw said...

OK, lovely Cap'n Jack pattern - poster boy bag indeed!!
And what's wrong with a Matt and Denny party? Nothing I say!!
Eeeww a wet handshake!!!Very unnerving!!!

MrsDrWho said...

Have you thought of Hi 5ing instead of handshakes?????
Only a month to plan the cake are leaving it late.
You do realise that I am developing a phobia about the psychotic knitting of dishcloths. And I am feeling stalked by the concept of the Knitty seems to pop up everywhere!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the link to the Jack Sparrow graph, Janelle will be hounding me to make her something with it!! I still want to make a janis bag one day, I have to work out how to make one of those graphs.

Birthday cakes?? I keep having this flashback to a friends party in high school. Why? Because her mother made the most amazingly rich chocolate cake that I have ever tasted in my life. It had a marshmallow layer, I should do a google search and see what I find. I will keep you posted :)

msfortuknit said...

Sweety Suzi
I can hear your heeels justa clickin with excitement!

So get this, guess what new season started tonight? Boston Legal! I should be studying, especially since I tape everything because I cant stand to wait! Its especially bad with BL I tape tons and then have a mini marathon!
Kisses dolly from the lovely mid-western WISCONSIN USA