Wednesday, September 06, 2006

When I Was Young

The rooms were much colder then...

As the Animals famously sang.

I do believe they also sang about Spillling the Wine which may have been an equal refrence, but no wine was actually spilt.

I awoke yesterday with a incredibly sore throat, and Iwsn't he only one, Ms Stash also seemed to be suffering this malady. Today I awoke with a slightly less sore thorat, but my voice was starting to go.

I've finished my last assignment ready to hand in tomorrow, completed all the theroy that goes with my practical tomorrow as well, so I am off to have a hot, hot shower in an attempt to warm my cold, cold bones.

But tomorrow is the last class! The very last! And it will all be over, I just have to hand in my work diary. To show what I have been signed of for. Then I am a free woman till my certificate comes and I find out how I did or at least till Friday morning when I have to go back for the end of course wrap up where we all find out (I guess if it's like the mid course) what we haven't done, what if anything we can do make up.

Would it surprise you at all dear readers if I told you I was ready for it to be over? Cert 2 turned out to be less scary than I thought it would be, and I coped very well. Cert 3 has been not difficult, but harder and as someone who is best left to count the railings under close supervision it has been a challenge.
If nothing else I can see myself happily washing dishes, I love washing dishes. I think it's because I get to play with the dishwasher. Always fun!

Not fun - trying to open bottles of wine with a waiters friend, I struggled on the Bar course and I struggled this time around.

Do you know, when I did the bar course Boags was in partnership with class at the time so we got Boags t-shirts mine is still in it's plastic wrap never worn, because we never got our Friday night prac. They closed for Christmas.
But since I have my certificate, everybody seems to think I know what I'm doing in the bar. Isn't faith a wonderful thing?

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


2paw said...

Oh, almost over!! Hope you are feeling better, both of you. There are boogelly germs out and about at the moment.....

fitknit said...

Good on you for getting to this point. Everything crossed for a fantastic result!