Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm so exicted!!!

I found out my secret pal today! With Ms stash's help after some momentary panic, I came up with an idea for a first parcel. What I had in mind has been temporarily shelved, and may slot in furthur down the track.

I should have realised just because they don't talk about wrestling action figures, "Denny Crane!" or zombies that there wouldn't be that much difference and I could actually come up with some good ideas for parcels.
Buying for people I know is always so hard, but someone I don't know, well they won't be forced to like it (or wear it) I suppose.

On the knitting front, yesterday I knitted Sandra D a phone cosy. Started it Tuesday and did about 4 rows. Ploughed through yesterday. I'm hoping to get a start ona Moda Vera "Piuma" scarf while I watch Bones tonight.
I saw Bones for the first time last week, and am a little uncertain who everyone is and how they belong but I'm hoping to get up to speed tonight.

I'm making a pilgrimmage to see the new Starbucks in Hobart, some time over the next couple of weeks. Go and see why it's so special - aside from appearing in countless American movies and tv shows.

Nigella, has (as well as Feast which is airing in Canada and the US next month), started filming a new Chirstams series, unlike the last one which was one extended episode this will be a 3-parter.
I can't wait to see these out here!

And while on Nigella and her news page they now have an errata available for her books, worth a look if anybody owns any. Nigella Corrections.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


2paw said...

Ohh, swaps are excellent!! I trawl through people's archives for clues!!! I love Christmas and Nigella!! Thanks for the link too!!

metal and knit said...

i am so happy with who I got and well excited awaiting who gets me

msfortuknit said...

Your so adorable Suzi! I promise you if you talk about Denny Crane and your action figures that you will get a pretty damn great response! hahah Im so glad that your happy! You know how much I adore you!

As for starbucks, GREAT COFFEE! Its actully kind of a joke here, because they used to say Starbucks,one on every corner, and then they actully started having them on nearly every corner. Its also quite funny when you order your drink and then about 3 other people repeat it. INSANE!

Bones is one of the best shows yet, we just started season three a couple weeks ago. I was like that after the first episode but I love Angel so much it didnt much matter!
Yes give it a go and let me know what you think, im sure youll love it!

Sweet idea on the cozy also!
Swak and all that

Sharon said...

Yes Starbucks will be on my must visit when I am in Hobart next.