Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random thoughts from my head

I'm exhausted, I think it was lack of sleep last night while I worried about everything.

Located one of my "good" black skirts, worked mostly on the Skull sock about almost at eh half way mark for the foot now. Made a small ironing pile, watched Border Security then put Batman Returns on to pass the time till Crossing Jordan and continued work on the sock hence all the progress!

Dashed out to town today to arrange new clothes for my interview, snagged a shirt straight off in the first shop, and a jacket which was unfortunatly navy then spied black jackets - none in my size of course. Damn!
Debated about getting navy pants to match the jacket but didn't dare because the jacket alone was quite xxx'y and then I needed a shirt. Something un-white as I am a proud member of the black bra brigade.

So I now have the choice of my "good" black skirt, my work pants which are very presentable but also black to wear with my new navy jacket....

I also tried to seek out some navy shoes to wear, as I only have black shoes. But the two shoe stores and one department store I was in had all converted to "summer" styles so full of strappy open sandles/slides.

Probably should have given some thought to an outfit prior to now, but the difficulty to find anything decent and also the price when you do has made me a bit slack.
Ideally a suit would be good as it would be a matching set, but try buying them! How do people buy work clothes I don't know, because all round town they sell everyday floaty around clothes. Very limited choice in practical shirts.

Also had my hair done, trimmed, thinned and straightened. I'm almost a new woman!
All for a job I have no experience or qualifications for, but they still asked me to come for an interview! Who knows!

And a thought that inspired me to google, with Halloween coming up and being on our knitting coven day. I had to google!
Knit Witch
Knit Witch's Realm
Nocturnal Knit Witch
Knit Witch
Stitch Witch



2paw said...

Ahh, the matching of clothes and then the buying. I hate the whole trying on of clothes, especially the 'undergarments'!!!! I have to gird my loins to ungird them!!!
Expect to see a finished pair of socks soon!!!

metal and knit said...

I have grey pants I use and black ones but only a navy or brown jacket then shirts mmmits pale blue or maroon

amanda j said...

My advice is to try Target - they sometimes have sensible work type clothes that wear pretty well. That's where I get my work clothes a lot of the time. As for shoes! Ha! What about Rivers? Good luck :P!

fitknit said...

Good luck with the job.

Don't women have it hard with the work clothes situation? Sooo easy for men.