Thursday, September 07, 2006

School's Out!

I am a free woman! Everything is done, handed in or acted out. Today I had to coach someone in making a pot of tea. I had to imagine they just landed form Mars and knew nothing about tea.

So I found some interesting sites on tea to have as a reference.

Now that I am all done, I finally have a Thursday night that’s mine and I plan to watch Bones for the first time. And work on some knitting.

I am going to decipher the Panta Code! I have been meaning to start this forever, I have the pattern and some yarn earmarked. I just need to figure out the equations.

Well I have two lots ear marked, some Wine 12ply and some Burgundy 12ply I bought with the Panta in mind.

Any advice on Panta making???? And don’t anybody say don’t do it, I have made up my mind.

I’m looking forward to my next trip to the coven. I have a calamity with a sock that needs urgent attention. What was supposed to be the heel needles, I have inadvertnly managed to knit one heel needle and one of the “reserve” needles.

And also I miss the intelligent conversation that goes on! I fear class has been too much of a pressure cooker situation.
I’m going to eat a Mexican wrap, and drink a Chai latte and it will all be good. I can visulise it now.

Fiinally done my questionairre for PRGE, I can't wait for it to start and find out who I will get! I'll ahve to check and see if Igor has my parcell ready. Igor! Igor! Igor!

Until next time,
A bona fide red head looking for a reliable Igor and damn annoyed about it.


Sharon said...

Enjoy your freedom!!

Now as for Panta, I would never say don't knit it as it is a great knit :)

I do have some advice though especially as you are going to knit it in 12ply. The first one I knitted was in 12ply and after a few times of wearing it stretches and now mine is a tad too big. My 'panta' was 2 inches so next time I would make it 1 1/2 inches so that it was a snug fit to begin with to allow for stretch ;)

2paw said...

Oh, I will have to check out those tea sites. Some younger people have never cooked real food either:'Boil a potato???!!'
I did a provisional cast on and grafted the 2 ends together like a sock toe. Mine was in 8ply but I thought it a bit wide. I would make my next one narrower till it actually reached the front of my head!!!

metal and knit said...

I love the tea centre thats where I order my tea from.

msfortuknit said...

Congrats to you! Im so happy for you! Youll pass Im certain! And now Im filled with the ghost from last semester past...I am now in class and thank the goddess Ive only got 5 this semester!