Sunday, September 17, 2006

Shiver me timbers or else!

In honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I decided to unearth some suitable knitting links, well not this year, but for next year I may be more organised.

What's more, how shameful is this? It's our knitting coven the same day! And I still haven't located the missing Pony Pearl needle so I can not even work on the Skull Sock of Fury!Found is the lost needle! Yes!!! I shall knit the sock at the coven tomorrow!

The Original Talk Like a Pirate Day - (does feature a knit pattern! The Pirate Queen's Booty Bag!) Has wonderful advice on Talking LIke A Pirate in English, German, Swedish and Madarin. How to Pick Up a Pirate (take note boys especially if your Captain Jack, Matt Hardy or Denny Crane!).

Knit Like a Pirate
The Black Stitch
Yarn Pirate
Laurel's Pirate Knitting - A very interesting knit blog!

And as for the actual knitting. Well anything with a skull or skull and crossbones should be suitable....Oh and a really big hat!
Kid's Pirate Hat
Skull and Crossbones Cloth
We Call Them Pirates (hat)
Pirate Mittens
Skull Cable
Big Skull Tote
Mini Skull Tote
Skull Socks of Fury
Skull and Needles Knitting Bag
Felted Bag with Fair Isle Skulls
Skull and Dogbones
Skull Scarf
Skull Illusion Scarf
Skinny Skull Scarf
Skull Chart
Pirate Arrrgh-yle Chart
Skull Mug Cosy
Jack Sparrow's Favourite Socks (There certainly going to be mine!)
Snowball's Chance in Hell
Nuclear Family

There be no excuse for you worthless land lubbers not to make something in honour of Talk Like a Pirate day! Arr!
If you don't , ye'll be made to walk the plank! Arr!


metal and knit said...

i wish i had more time to knit so i could do all i have to do and then start some i want

Sharon said...

Have fun today, I will miss you all :(

Oh and about the market, I assumed that this Saturday was when it was on and it is in fact next Saturday. That is AFL grand final day, but I can be there till about 1 if someone can be there with me, if no one can then we will have to leave it which doesn't matter.

msfortuknit said...

WOW Suzi!

You should post this on stigmata tooo, these are fantastic! :)
Hope your having/had a lovely day?

Laurel said...

Hee hee, you mentioned my blog, and even said it was interesting! You rock!