Sunday, March 20, 2005

Another day, another row.

I've continued to work on the baby scarf today, I did another couple of rows. No, I'm not madly rushing to get it done.

I'm debating about an outfit to go with the new shoes, I'll have to start shopping around I see "Boho Chick" is still in, that could be just what I'm looking for - providing it comes in the right colours.
Nothing pastel, nothing pink, not "chocolate" or any other shade of brown for that matter.

I look at some of the stuff there selling in the stores and think who buys this stuff? Then I look at what people are wearing out and about and I know who, you wouldn't think there's be so many badly dressed people out there. Just because there selling it dosen't mean you should be wearing it.

Ah, at least I can always knit myself a cool cardy for winter. I kind of regret not keeping up with my sewing now, I could whip up a top and skirt and then eventually knit up a cardy to go with it.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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PKD said...

Then he made his evening devotions, although he made them with slightly less enthusiasm than usual. It is one thing to pray; it is another to pray to entities who might not only be listening, but who will search you out on the road and beat you across the head with sticks if you say something that offends them.