Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Another day, another something.

Well it's happened once again. I am knitting some one else's leftovers. I have taken up a scarf for a baby to toddler? I think it is in some 8ply. The prospect of moss stitch, as nice as it is, just pissed me off too much like so many other things at the moment. I know with Easter coming up it's all fluffy bunnies and chocolate - you'd think I'd be in my element, but no.

Back to weird kitchen gadgets that I love so much. This one is special for Easter - a set of Easter Cookie Cutters. There's a chick, a duck, a rabbit, a lamb and an egg. There all in pretty pastel colours - yuck!
But I love them all the same, now I just have to find the time and motivation to make some. I'm planning on cooking or attempting to cook Easter lunch this year. Saffron Roast Lamb with Sticky Garlic Potatoes followed by the Easter Egg Nest Cake, thankyou Nigella! Check Feast by Nigella Lawson for all of these.

Not only does the cake look great but Nigella's description of how many it'll serve makes me even more enthusiastic about it - it'll serve 8 to 10 but I'll make it if there is just 4 of us quite frankly.

I'm also planning to try and make Hot Cross Buns. I blame Nigella she made such cute little ones and raved how easy it was. Nigella is the Devil!

Proof that Nigella is the Devil I am going to be making the Fried Toasted Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich tonight, while I watch some trashy tv. Yes, it's supremely trashy. Baywatch - Hawaii Reunion I bought it today it was only $9.95 and a certain amount of trash is good for the soul. Although on closer inspection after purchase, I do believe none of the boys of Baywatch were able to come back......Only good old David seemed to be available to work with all the girls in bikinis which include Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra (has anybody checked out her new fitness DVD's? I might out of sheer curiosity and also because a little trashy exercise might be good for more than just my soul).

Ah well, maybe I can knit during all of this, maybe not I might injure myself while rolling on the floor laughing.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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