Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Yes I was Absent Without Blog yesterday, but it was for a good cause. Yesterday I went to visit Cathy - my fellow SNB'ers will have met Cathy at the meet-ups and yesterday Cathy has joined the wonderful land of Blog!

The Knitter's Last Stand is Cathy's new blog. We should all watch with avid interest and in my case avid envy as Cathy can also crochet.

Since I was at Cathy's most of the night all I had time to do last night was crawl into bed. However I did work on the Alien this morning and he is closer to having a third face. I'm sure he'll be pleased.
I know I'll be pleased.

I'm still no closer to keep up with my SNB group or my e-mail, I've read all and most in that order. I still haven't got around to replying. I still have to finish checking in at everyone's blogs. Yes, I am reading I just haven't got around to commenting on a lot of your blogs. I will soon.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head with a cold and not so proud.

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