Saturday, March 12, 2005

I Knitted Something!

Well round of applause please!

I made Ken's Dulaan hat from Yarn Harlot's blog. Very simple and incredibly quick to knit up. Probably because it's three strands of yarn on 12mm needles and only a child's size. 11 rows to do the main part of the hat!

Do you know what this means? This is project..............7? I think it's 7 or is it 8? What was that purple and grey scarf I did? Oh hell this has been going to long. I can feel another donation to charity coming on, I have no green yarn with which to make the Knit Hand Grenade Purse.

I'm feeling slightly bag lady at the moment so I may continue with this theme (and donations) making The Last Straw Bag from Roxy Craft. It's knitted out of raffia, this could be interesting.

To hell with yarn diets and impovrished Mongolians - Matt Hardy dosen't look to be coming to Australia any time soon or if he is the WWE are keeping it under their hat. That's probably all their keeping under there.......But I digress to assuge my pain of not seeing Matt, the BAK Shoes think we should make a Hand Grenade Purse and something with Skulls in it...........
New yarn shopping!

Oh that feels so much better - maybe I should knit Matt Hardy something? He apparently has no clothes, he seems to do everything naked. Or maybe I should knit a Matt Hardy? Hmmmmmmmm.

On that note I will end it for today, I must find a pattern to knit a Matt Hardy!

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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