Friday, March 04, 2005

Then some.

My sister and fellow knitter has purchased some Opal yarn, I am mega jealous. How long before I buy some?

Now we have to figure out a pattern for her to make socks. Any suggestions?

On the Dulaan front, Yarn Harlot has updated her blog and included a pattern for a hat she is doing for it. Very cool, I may have to copy it down or better yet print it off.

Sharon has struck again, this time with a recipe for Violet Crumble Ice Cream Bars.

The Alien dosen't have a third face, yet. I'm going to work on it some more tonight and I hope to have a third face complete and a fourth at least started by the time I get to my SNB meet-up on Tuesday.

Inspired by Amanda, I am trying to work out a button for my blog so people can steal it. Something that's appropiate for a Knitter from the Darkside.

That's it for today, I have to get back to the Alien. I am planning on some pro wrestling tonight - out come the DVD's again. Matt Hardy's been gone too long! Fingers crossed he's on the tour that comes to Australia.
Ah, well it'll be me, Matt and the two-faced Alien tonight. What better way to spend a Friday night?

With ice-cream! Perhaps I should make a dash to my local shop?

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ttbookjunkie said...

Hey Suzi I have some cool pics of a full moon in pitch black night that would be cool for a button, email me if you are interested.