Saturday, February 19, 2005

All Things Knit and Then Some.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! And Cobweb Covered Skeletons of All Stages of Decomposition! I have for you today an exciting array of wonders knit and otherwise so step right up and be amazed!

Or at least moderately amazed.

First off I would like to direct you to Get Crafty a very wonderful site I have been to before, very early on when it was first started. But I would like to thank Amanda, because otherwise I wouldn't have been back today to look at it. It's very exciting site with a lot of very cool content.

Secondly I would like to show you all my new knit screen saver - thanks to Lion Brand. I have the Urban Chic one but they do have other designs and you will find them in the Goodies section.

Next up I did say I was going to talk about today things I wanted to make once the yarn "diet" is over. Well I would like to tackle the great art of Illusion and this will be the project at the top of the list.
A Skull Illusion Scarf which can be found at Crafster another excellent crafting site, this is the place if your looking for that hard to find pattern or very cool new pattern idea.
There is also the Alien Illusion Scarf as featured in the first Stitch N' Bitch book that I have always wanted to make as well.

There is of course the much talked about Caterpillar! I have mentioned in the past Nundle's Pagan Jumper, also the Cobweb Shawl and Sheer Poncho from Magknits.
Then there is the Sari Silk projects I'd like to make Unbiased from Knitty, the Japanese Lantern Scarf from the Sari Along and the Poncho in the latest issue of Creative Knitting which turns out to be crocheted. Maybe this will be the final push to learn!
Also from Knitty are the Voodoo Wrist Warmers which I love and can't wait to make a pair for myself and perhaps for Mongolia?

Speaking of Mongolia, this is some thing I really want to get behind and support because it is such a worthy cause. The mittens I was making up (one pair complete and the second pair is a mitten away from being complete) for my two young cousins will now find there way into the parcel also I have started a hooded scarf and hope to get a second done before the parcel goes. Those projects are musts, anything else I get done will be an added extra.
My sister is planning on two pairs of mittens, a scarf and also a hat. So far she's almost done a pair of mittens and they are very cute! My mother is attempting a scarf out of some very nice purple wool I will shamelessly claim should her project fall by the wayside.
Between the three of us I'm hoping we'll have the makings of a decent parcel to send off.

I've brandished flyers and told my fellow knitters about the project and I know of at least one other member (you can find her blog here) of my SNB who expressed some interest in participating and one of my other fellow knitters I know has agreed to make something I believe it was socks she was last contemplating.

While on my yarn "diet" I have chosen as my charity of choice for the first two months MSF or Doctors Without Borders. Prior to Yarn Harlot and her Knitters Without Borders challenge and her MSF mittens, I knew of this group but not a lot about them. But since then I have been made aware of the fantastic work these people do in some let's face it less than fantastic places. I have decided for the remainder of my yarn "diet" they'll continue to be my charity of choice and I discovered when reading the Australian site to find details to give donations that rather than mail a money order every month I might take up as a "Field Partner" where you donate every month through direct debit. I think this will continue on after the "diet" is over and for the remainder of the year at least.

My soul is very much like a cup of coffee - black and bitter. To make it marginally more tolerable a couple of sugars don't go astray. But the soul equivlent of sugar is some good deeds or some good deeds knitting in a Knitter from the Darkside's case. And to help me in this monumental task Fate found me this very helpful site Craftivism.

On a final note, anybody who wishes to get on their soap box and tell me how to run my yarn diet can take there box and leave. As far as I'm concerned (since it is my diet) as the bought/given yarn isn't adding any weight to my stash I'm happy and so I'm sure will be the Mongolians on receipt of the knitted items.

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