Monday, February 14, 2005

Well, I wouldn't have said today started off in fine form. Mainly because I spilt my morning coffee all down the front of myself on the way to my CWA (Country Women's Association) branch flower show.

Everything went well, we we're a bit apprehensive, as this was our first time organising it. I kept changing between two hats - that of tea lady and that of branch President. In the end the tea lady made the executive decisions.
When your trying to solve a tea crisis and have people asking you for permission to draw the Lucky Door Prize there's no time to change hats especially if in the middle of all this some man's agitating for a cup of coffee.
We were a couple of members down, but we managed to make a success of it. But despite that I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to next year.

On the knitting front the Angora Supreme scarf is still under way and knitting up beautifully! I do love the stuff, I'm thinking about purchasing some more and doing the smaller version for Mongolia. If I miss this year's deadline I will still have time for next year's.

I am very excited because of what today is. It is the release of the first issue of the online magazine Spun. It's more than just knitting patterns and has proven to be an interesting read I hope they keep up the standard. But having said that I have to admit I loved the patterns and that was the reason I've been waiting in anticipation for this day.
Here we have my top three picks:
1) Stash Buster - Caterpillar
2) Restraints
3) Studded Wrist Bands

I can't wiat to knit a caterpillar! Of course I have to make one for myself first, just to make sure it works out right you understand.

I've come up with a plan, I have some odd balls of faux fur and one of ostrich knocking about my stash. Partially used balls so there's not a full ball left but I have decided when I knit some more of the hooded jackets since the cuffs on the sleeves fold back onto the sleeves I thought I would make them out of fluffy stuff. Use up the fluffy stuff and make the jackets a bit more pretty. I know pretty is not really the point but it'll make the project more exciting for me as I have to knit it.

Final note for the day is the fact that I have just discovered myself listed in the Dulaan Brigade. How cool! I'm not merely a solo mad knitter trying to make the world better one stitch at a time, I'm part of a very cool Brigade!

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ttbookjunkie said...

Hi Suzi!

I love the Caterpillar! I think I might bust my stash a bit and make some of those cuties. Thanks for posting the link for the pattern.