Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fortune Smiles on the Brave

I don't know what's going on but at the moment everything seems to be going well. I purchased a pair of ugg boots this morning in Target.

I stopped to look at the shelves and they had ugg boots in blue and pink, I was looking at a blue pair after I finally located a pair of Nines. Blue as much as I love it, wouldn't have been my first choice for a boot, so after contemplating this and the price I thought I'd think it over. I put the boots back on the shelf and stepped back to turn and what did I see sitting on the very bottom shelf next to a few more pairs of pink boots? A single solitary pair of brown boots, on closer inspection these lone brown boots turned out to be none other than a size 9!!!
I couldn't believe it, there's no thinking about this I grabbed them and fled for the nearest checkout which as I approached appeared to have a never ending line.

As I came towards the line I happened to glance over at the ends of the checkouts some times they have some good bargains just there and what did I see? Just before the checkout with the neverending line there was another checkout open and a salesgirl just standing there, not a customer in sight. I can't believe my luck.

I think the Gods of Fabulous Boots have looked down and gone we know she's inflicting her knitting on unsuspecting Mongolians but she means well, so in return we'll allow her to have nice warm feet this winter.
I hope to furthur acheive this by making some of the Toe Socks featured in the latest Creative Knitting magazine and I know Sharon is also planning to make some, well perhaps beyond planning she's even been and bought wool to make them with. Now that's organised.

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