Thursday, February 17, 2005

Another day, another dollar.

I went grocery shopping today, I know it's that time again already. And what goodies did I discover today apart from re-discovering the Oreo Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cream Cookies I found Coles had The Extraordinary League of Gentlemen Two Disc Edition for $15.00. I've been waiting for this day to come, but it's always the one disc edition that's on sale everywhere.

Tonight is all mapped out for me, after dinner I shall put on my new ugg boots which kept my feet and legs lovely and warm (especially the foot the cat slept on) last night and watch the Extraordinary Gentlemen and Lady as I work on somethng for the Mongolians. I went back to Spotlight today and my mother and sister bought some Angora Supreme. My mother has made off with hers and squirrled it away somewhere. My sister, well technically the yarn was for me to knit for the Mongolians but she had to pay for it because I was kinda destitute this morning. Kindness repayed for me buying her needles last week.

My sister hopes I won't knit it all up to send away to Mongolia, she thinks I need to knit myself something with it aswell. Well I might just yet, I got four balls of the blue and four balls of a "taupe" or for people like me a very pale brown colour. So I hope to knit up two girl's size hooded scarves.

Then there was three balls of a dark grey colour, a ball each of pale purple and pale pink. There was more purple including the purple I originally bought for my scarf but my mother made off with all the purple. Mind you this was after I had ransacked the 50% off section to find enough of each colour to do something with.
"Oh that's nice I'll have that". Yes it was good of me to find it. No sock yarn left unfortunatly. What a shame.

My sister also puchased for herself some of the Cleckheaton Tapestry wool to attempt some socks with. The colour's called Crabapple and it's very nice, if it had been on the 50% table I might have given into temptation and bought some too

Knitty's new surprise patterns are up, nothing that really tempted me though. I was tempted and succombed and bought the new issue of Jo Sharp's Contempary Knitting. I can see a few things there I'd like to make some of the cabled stuff has me wondering. Wondering if I like it or not.

Well, I think that's about as exciting as my day has been, it's time for heros and knitting in warm boots.

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Sharon said...

Is there a new Jo Sharp contemp. knitting out? I'd better go and annoy my newsagent up the road.