Sunday, February 20, 2005

New Project Alert!

The drudgery is over! At least temporarily.

I have the priveledge of acquiring another knitter's cast off UFO and it's a good one to boot!

My sister and fellow knittier was about to frog her started Alien Illusion scarf because she decided she hated it. After lots of wailing I am now ht eproud owner of a just started Alien scarf. I am thrilled to bits! I can't wait to get going on it.
This is so excellent, I get another project to finsih and my fellow knitter has one less UFO (very appropiate) languishing in the depths (granted shallow) stash.

I am running away to gloat over the scarf so I will leave the trained monkey to sign off today, he is the brains of the outfit anyway.

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