Monday, February 21, 2005

I knit therefore I am a knitter.

I worked on the Alien Illusion Scarf last night until I forced myself to put it down and started work on the caterpillar. I was hoping to actually do some more work on the hooded scarf in taupe but some how the caterpillar got started.

I know Amanda called her caterpillar Lola, I'm debating what I will call mine. I briefly considered naming in honour of THE Matt Hardy. But then I debated if TMH would want homage paid to him in the form of a fluffy blue knitted caterpillar.

Also thanks to Amanda, I have discovered new blogs to read! The uKnitted Nations blog ring, I had a read of all the blogs on it, a few I had been to before but the rest we're new to me. I need more time just to read other people's blogs!

Today was domestic day, I vaced my house and am impressed how much cleaner the place instantly looks. Note to self: vac more often.
I also made up a huge pot of soup and I mean huge - just over 4 kilos worth of pumpkin went in. And it is absolutely delicious if I do say so myself.
Speaking of delicious, reading Sharon's blog today and she had a recipe for Self-Saucing Choc Pudding. That is one of my fave desserts of all time!

While we're talking recipes if you haven't already checked out Amanda's blog, do it now! Her husbands coffee drink sounds really yummy, now if only I had choc syrup in my house.......

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Sharon said...

I liked the look of Amandas hubbys coffee too. yum. I too wish I had more time to read peoples blogs oh and I will have to get you to explain in simple lingo how you do the link thingy. Happy knitting:)