Sunday, February 20, 2005

No rest for the Wicked.

Ah, it never ends, everytime I think of starting a new project - something that will be quicker and or more interesting I just seem to end up back at square one.

I need to finish the second mitten from the second pair and start the second gauntlet to be able to finish it. Which would bring me in total to 7 complete projects. Finishing is the hard part, because now they are all rather boring. Although once I cast on for the gauntlet I should be right all those yarn overs will keep me thinking.

Amidst all this I want to try and keep working on the hooded scarves to send to Mongolia, I don't won't to find myself at the last minute trying to madly finish two scarves. All the stocking stitch makes them rather tiresome however. Back to square one I go.

I think provided I can find a spare set of 4mm I will start the Caterpillar. To hell with everything else! No doubt I will soon follow. And be back at square one.

I've started fantasy yarn shopping. I got my Bendigo shade card out and started picking out colours for my Skull Illusion scarf. The original one was made for a scarf swap in pink but I have seen two others, (both made for knitter's male partners) one was black and grey and the other was balck and white.
Personally I really liked the black and grey colourway as it looked very effective and dark. Unfortunatly I can't get a black and grey in the same yarn type, I might have to get two different kinds. Hmmmm, plenty of time to decide I suppose and I can always see what other yarn companys have to offer me.

That's it for today, only a short one as I am failing to get a lot of knitting done.

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