Saturday, February 05, 2005

Another Quickie!

These have not been very long I know. Not that there is much to report on the knitting front, I did more work on the Girl's Mohair Scarf last night while watching Cher. I always find Cher is excellent to knit to.

I hope to get more work done on the beanie tonight so I can have it ready to sew up tomorrow night at the latest.

Off the knitting front I have just finished re-reading Soul Music by Terry Pratchett. Terry Pratchett is one of my fave authors of all time and I think Soul Music would have to be one of my favourite's from the Discworld series I'm not sure the absolute fave, there are so many good ones it's hard to choose.

That's it for today dear readers so I will leave you with this thought - how DO you forget?

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