Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another day, another row.

These are the mittens made from the Bendigo wool in the colour Columbine. Posted by Hello

These mittens are the first finished out of my 20 projects on the diet, and next to them you can see the start of the first mitten for the second pair. I really must get back to it but it's been put aside as I finished the first gauntlet and then recommenced work on this beanie that's been waiting to have it's ribbing finished so I can commence work on the main part.

I hate ribbing. My sister/fellow knitter remarked to me the other day while working on a beanie how much she hated ribbing. I know of at least one knitter out there who's fortunate enough to have a husband who knits and does all her ribbing for her because she hates it. Lucky woman!

Today is a good day, it was also grocery day. And somehow I came home with Gloria Jean's Chocolate Fudge coffee and a box of Baci's. I can not get eonough of Baci's! Back to the good day, I got to pick up my new dvd I had on order at my local Virgin store. WWE Divas South of the Border with the lovely Lita on it! Unfortunatly the lovely Lita is now out on a knee injury and will be gone awhile. Sob sob sob!
Ah well I'll have to survive, after all there are so many shoes to be worn and not enough time! There's also a lot of projects to be done.....

I have decided since I failed Yarn Harlot's Knitters Without Borders challange, that I'll increase my donation to MSF and give a bit extra. MSF (Doctors Without Borders) we're last months charity of choice for my $10, but I think given the Bad Ass Knitter shoes were bought last month while attempting the challenge it'd be better if I gave a little more.

I think that's all for today boys and girls I better get back to knitting and a Chocolate Fudge or two.

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Sharon said...

Aaahhh Bendigo wool, those mittens have come up a treat. I have just discovered Gloria Jeans take home coffee (yum). My other addiction besides knitting, is coffee.