Saturday, February 12, 2005

Knit, Knit, Knit, Knit some more.

I've been a little remiss with my blogging, and also lacking any indepth thoughts.

Tuesday was SNB, I was so looking forward to that. A good knit session is what I have been missing lately. I got the first mitten from the second pair done.

After much debate, starting and unstarting Tuesday night I started a scarf in 4ply for a 0 - 12 month child. I worked on it Tuesday night, did some more on Wednesday. Then Thursday came.

Thursday I went to Spotlight to purchase some double points for my sister/fellow knitter and got lured by bargains. I picked up one of the Knitting with Fabric Kits I've been looking for ever since I first saw them some time early in October.
I originally saw them on the counter at Spotlight they had two of the 7 designs. And the Southwest Hobo Bag took my particular fancy. That's all it took at the time because it was $42.00. Then after I went back and on every other trip back no sign of them anywhere. I found one when I was in on Thursday, last one in the box reduced to $5.00 was a Southwest Hobo Bag. It has to have been fate!
Fabric is not yarn technically. Unfortunatly I now need to buy needles, 10mm circulars and 10mm double points. I wonder if I can do it all on circs? I don't begrudge buying them, I want then for at least another two future projects.

However having said that I was lured off the wagon when it stopped at the lights and bought yarn. Not just any yarn, Angora Supreme at 50% off! There was only two balls of the really nice blue left, so I though I might get pale purple which I have admired in the past. Only 4 balls of that. So I got 6 balls of a really nice dark purple kind of a fuschia really, to make my hooded scarf with pockets.
Thursday night I started the scarf. If you haven't knitted with Angora Supreme (30% Angora(rabbit fur)/70% lambswool) already - do so!
I'm glad I bough the Angora Supreme, it has given me the lift I needed. And I think it is permisable because I bought it with an exact project in mind and it will get knitted up quickly rather than languish as a one day I'll use it.

Last night, I put the Angora scarf aside and instead knitted up a beanie in my Rowan Biggy Print. It's done and all sewn up, so there is PROJECT 6 DONE!!!!!!
I am very pleased, I will have to start posting pics of all that's done and in progress.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I hope to reflect on what I have learnt on my diet so far. Six projects that's almost half way!

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