Sunday, February 06, 2005

Another 2 down!

Last night I restarted yet again my mobile phone cosy and finished it, it is complete. Sewn up and button attached. I am absolutley thrilled given the number of trys it took to get it right.

I also finished the beanie last night, it's sewn up just waiting to be given SSSHHHH don't tell, to my mother tomorrow along with the mittens I made out of the same wool for her Birthday present. I discovered a pack of blue slightly fluffy but nice and soft yarn I'm thinking of making her a Xmas present out of it.

So far today I have worked on the faux fur scarf which dosen't seem to be getting any longer. I hate it.

I can see some form of stash management coming up, I also have an urge to move my furniture around and give my cupboards a throughly good clean out. All of this leaves my house upside and sideways for a at least a week until I shove everything back under the carpet.
One day I'll get there and I'll hate it and the whole process will begin again. It's a vicious circle.

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