Sunday, January 23, 2005

2 out of 20, 18 to go!

It's finished this very afternoon, the quick knit scarf. I am very highly pleased. It's one less to do now.

I might work on the Underworld gauntlets tonight. As someone asked me do you have to watch Underworld to make them. Well the idea kinda was to knit something while watching the movie. But I suppose I could expand it and make it the Underworld/Buffy project or perhaps the Vampire project?
I'd really like to get them finished because I'm virtually half way through the first one and I think getting somethign else finished so soon will motivate me to knit faster.

They still had there discounted wool stand at Spotlight today, I was strong and walked away from the 50% off Angora Supreme. I'm begining to have yarn fantasys and this was before I finished project 2. I'm dreaming baout what I'll buy when this is over and what I will make with it. I'm contemplating a pattern from Nundle Woolen Mill, it's the Pagan Jumper and I love the look of it.
It's knitted in 20-ply, which given that in winter it's -4 degrees celsius when I go to work has to be an advantage. However I will not gripe about how cold it is after reading over at Yarn Harlot's how it was -33 there one morning.

I'm afraid it'll only be a short one today, I hope by the next time I blog at least one of the gauntlet's will be closer to finished.

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