Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Get your knit on!

I am very pleased to say after spending the previous two days working on the Dr Who Scarf (the first piece of knitting I have done since about October last year) I am back to being the knitter I once was.

And in celebration of this, I have started a new project. Winter Wooly Scarf from the book Chunky Knits. This is something I've been longing to make ever since I bought the book. I bought the book because I wanted to make this. As you've probably all noticed I am addicted to scarves.

I've decided to use some of my Rowan Biggy Print for this since the pattern calls for chunky slubby yarn. It's a double rib knit on big needles with chunky wool. According to the pattern you can knit it while watching your favourite tv show, I presume that's your favourite one hour show.....Perhaps in my case that should be two one hour shows. I've been to the video store in search of Catwoman, but they don't have her yet. Then I stood in a huge line-up at the counter while the woman who was being currently served had the prices of the various rentals explained to her three times and much discussion about which rentals were which.

I stood in the line thinking uncharitable thoughts. Then I contemplated why there wasn't a button behind the counter you could push and a trapdoor opens under the customer and then they'd be gone. Serioulsy if someone has (or is going to) invented one of these let me know, I'll take one for my workplace.

Back to the video store, unable to get Catwoman I settled for Garfield the Movie and Starsky and Hutch. Should be plenty of time to complete my scarf.

My new About.com Knitting Newsletter has arrived in my Inbox and had to check out this Martha Scarf, it's a inspired knitted version of her fur one. I like the shape, but it needs different colours most certainly.

Looking out my window what do I see? Well, it's raining for a start. Yeah! I love rain, it has the ability to always make me happy. I know for most people it'd probably be a sunny day.
I think it's a Welsh saying, "Everyone in the world is strange except thee and me. And even thee is a little strange."

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