Thursday, January 20, 2005

What I did on my Thursday.

Well, apart from reading blogs and more blogs I took the time to seek out other sources of knitting inspiration.

But before I did all of that I have worked some more on this Quick-Scarf, it's almost halfway. I hope to reach the halfway mark tonight. Fingers crossed.

I was reading for the first time the Midnight Knitter blog it was quite interesting it's worth going just to have a look at her patterns. There is one busy knitter.

Another site I will be checking back to is this one ReKal 2005. It's about recycling knitted items and making something new out of them. Very cool idea I think and I will be following this closely. I'm so far not game to attempt to undo anything. It's have to be an absolute 50c bargain from the op shop before I'd even consider trying it.

Another thing I have to point your mouse to is the Vogue Knit 1 magazine site (I like the Knitstrology section, being an avid horoscope reader myself). I recently purchased the first issue, yes it's finally hit the Australian shores. I was keen to look at it when I saw it on the newsagent shelf as I had heard bad stuff about it. I loved it and bought it right away - but having said that there are a few OMG! clunkers in it and a knitted clock which leaves me going what the......? Maybe someone should send it to Rove.
I'm looking forward to the second issue, the Urban Cowgirls looks promising.

I shall conclude today by telling you all about my poor white cat Jeff. He was sitting up in the window looking out when one of my neighbours dashed past, well he really didn't think much of that the tail puffed up and his back was arched I was outside in the car watching him then when my neighbours came running back past I could see his mouth opening and shutting. But i couldn't hear any noise and we are talking about the foghorn of the feline world here. When my neighbours came running back past to retrieve something they had forgotten they waved to him and his puffy tail, arched back and opening and closing mouth. What happened then? Jeff feel off the windowsill, I was laughing at the display in the window but when he fell off the windowsill that was the end of me. Poor Jeff, after a moment he got back up and sat in the window long enough to see my neighbours leaving.
Jeff is the one who dosen't get out much on account of the fact that he dosen't seem to be aware of what happens around him which is how my neighbours first startled him I don't think he relised they were running past and he got a fright. Ah well, everybody has their cross to bear and it appers Jeff is mine.

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