Monday, January 03, 2005

It's Done! New Projects Ahoy!

Yes, it's true. The Dr Who scarf is completed. One project down......Okay we won't talk about the other unfinished projects here, it'll ruin my just finished high.

I'll post a pictue real soon, like with in the next day or two. I just haven't organised to take one in time for this post.

What did it take to finish this scarf? All afternoon and three movies - The Burbs, Rush Hour 2 and Underworld (which I did really like!).

Now I can start planning something NEW and EXCITING and VERY VERY COOL!!!!! What will it be? I'm giving serious consideration to those Glittens, maybe I might try a knitted bag? The Sophie from MagKnits has been really, really popular.

After seeing the results of those quizzes (last post), I'll be the first to admit I am a cynical old bag. But I never saw myself as that bitter and twisted, or aligned with Satan.............

I suppose my worship of yarn might be seen less favourably by certain people.

However I am planning to go back to work on my Stress Relief Scarf. No this will not go the road of Dr Who, I really will work on it. Well, I mean to.

Thinking of others, I am able of it sometimes, I'm going to the Red Cross to make a donation for the Tsunami Appeal. I suppose every little bit does help in some way.

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