Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fate Strikes Again!

On Friday I heard through the grapevine that the new issue of Creative Knitting was out and I hadn't been able to go in search of it till this morning.

It's been a long time coming so I was interested to see what they had come up with. Not bad at all, some of the stuff was really nice some of it I think depended on your colour/yarn choice and others (though not many) were OMG! what we're they thinking?

However there was one pattern that stood out over the rest - a poncho made from recycled sari silk yarn. It probably wouldn't have meant as much if I haven't been hankering after a hank or two of this lovely looking stuff to begin with. It all started thanks to Lynne at Yarnivorous.

Lynne was knitting the Japanese Lantern Scarf as part of the Sari-A-Long (which has many examples of why this scarf is a must do project). Upon doing some research into the sari silk the very helpful knitters over at SNB Melbourne (Yahoo Group) offered up some very wonderful advice (in Norbu's/list mum's case even a sample to feel) and their experiences of this yarn. Somebody also mentioned the pattern at Knitty for Unbiased (a very cool bag) and I was also able to locate a pattern for a flower (The Wool Peddler - you'll need to go into their yarn section and select recycled silk to find the link) knitted up out of it. The Wool Peddler also offers up some very invaluable advice on working with this type of yarn well worth the read if anybody else is inspired to make anything with it.

I'm afraid that's all I have time for today although I can think of another umpteen dozen things I would have liked to tell you about.

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