Sunday, January 09, 2005

Knit, Knit, Knit, Knit Some More.

I have attacked my stash and searched through all my patterns. Trying to put together enough yarn to create something on the large side isn't going to happen. I've had to look at ideas for using up odd balls of various shades of blue or pink....I knew I had pink! I don't even like pink, but at the time i thought I could use it to create stuff for someone other than me.

20 projects list is being formulated. At the moment this is how it stands.
1. Faux Fur Hooded Scarf from Cleckheaton's A Girl's Own pattern book (this could take a while it's annoying me how slow it's knitting up).
2. Mittens made from Bendigo's ________ in Columbine for my youngest cousin (she's going on 5).
3. Mittens for my second youngest cousin (about 7), also in the above yarn. I was given a ball of the stuff and I don't know why because it is so not my colour. It is however very suitable for little girl's.
4. Mittens from some red yarn, I think it's Patons. Yes, it is. Patons Beehive. These mittens along with the above two pairs are all being made from the pattern in Funky Knitting. I can't reccommend this book enough. It has some lovely scarves.....
5. I saw this yarn in my local Chickenfeed and it reminded me of some I had seen else where. I searched through my Creative Knitting magazines and found a pattern for an Elegant Scarf (it was one of the early issues) so I went back and bought the yarn. Pattern, yarn and needles - why haven't I started this?

That concludes today's post, I must go and get knitting. I'm hoping by the time I have completed my 20 projects to have enough money put aside to buy some of Patons Lush to make a wrap (5 balls) or if I'm very good a shawl (6?).

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