Saturday, January 22, 2005

Redheads Rule the Darkside!

I am very pleased with myself. And do you know why? Do you even care? Well I'll tell you anyway.

Last night I sat down to Underworld and started my Underworld project. The picot-edged gauntlets from Vogue's current issue of Knit.1. This involved alot of slipping stitches, knitting so many before making a yarn over and then purling so many or vice a versa and throw in some more yarn overs.

Normally with a project like this I would have expected it to fly within two rows of all this fiddling about, but by the time Underworld had finished I was 3/4 the way through the first gauntlet's lacey looking lower half. I know that's all I managed in that time, but this is my first real foray into anything "lacey". Once the last repeat of the lace pattern is done I'm back to normal stocking stich (or stockinette to the US knitters). Then I get to figure out the thumb gusset, once I'm actually knitting it the pattern may make more sense at the moment just reading it I'm not sure what I'm going to end up with. Will it look anything like the picture? Now, there's a challenge!

Somewhere along the way I became a more acomplished knitter and din't even realise it! But I can't see myself taking on Lativan Mittens any time soon. Check out Yarn Harlot and you'll see what I mean and while your there why not check out the Knitters Without Borders - the tally of danated money to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) is over $50,000. I'll be making a donation at the end of the month to MSF as my charity of choice for this first month on my yarn diet, I think that makes me a little late for the Knitters Without Borders tally but there's no need for it to stop there.

The Quick-Knit scarf has not been forsaken in all of this, I picked it up this morning and recommenced work on it. It's now well and truly past the halfway mark as I have been sitting here and working on it while I read my e-mail and check on who's updated their blogs.

And now I have a question for you my dear blog readers, do you enjoy reading my blog? If so, and yes I'm desperate, could you leave me a comment? Even if it's only to tell me I'm boring you, all audience feedback will be appreciated. If I get none, I'll have to presume my worst nightmare has come true and there's a number of cobweb covered skeletons seated in front of moniters around the world after they've been bored death reading my blog.

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Sharon said...

As you know I love reading your blog so I am definately alive (I think) and I just saw an item on vogue knit1 somewhere and am interested, just wondering could you take it along to our next SnB? Keep on bloggin'