Saturday, January 29, 2005

I don't believe it!

I've been working on the phone cosy this afternoon after starting it for the third time and it was coming on really well, almost too well. I know it's only a narrow rectangle in stocking stitch but I was virtually at the end of the main part and coming into what would become the flap and what happens?

It appears narrower......I count stitches and I have lost one. And I can see where it is and I don't have too far to take it back and fix. Unlike poor Stephanie who writes Yarn Harlot and her diaster with the MSF Mittens. I really do feel for her (and inspired by her snow house), so far I have had no monumental stuff-ups with what I have made. This isn't hard given 90% of what I've made has been scarves.
**Note: While I mention scarves, the Scarf Issue of Creative Knitting has still not reappeared and I suspect that is the issue with the Girl's Mohair Scarf I uncovered which is half way to completion. Grrr Arrghhh!!

Back to the topic at hand, my missing stitch looking back at where it is I know when I must have done it. And Matt Hardy is entirely to blame. I adore Matt Hardy and he features in many of my knitting fantasys (knitting needles are very similar to stakes both being sharp pointy sticks and all, if I'm going to be anyone else it may as well be Buffy), but I fear a parting of ways may be coming soon. Reading this caused me to be momentarily (alright if I'm honest more like hourly) confused because of the big words at which point I must have lost the stitch while I was debating if Matt hardy was worth the price of a dictionary.

Some place else new I visited today was Dogs Steal Yarn. I have seen it listed as a fave read on a number of blogs but have never got around to reading it. The list of blogs I will read one day is almost as long as the list of blogs I do read now.

Another place I went and am loving is Yarn-A-Go-Go, I am particular keen on her KniTattoo page. Some very cool artwork there. I really like Liz, Tess, Lori and Stephanie's.
I'd like some of my own, but given how easily bored with things I become and how often I want change I don't think permanent ink is really for me. Maybe when I'm older and less fickle, I suppose it could happen.
That's it for today, I suppose I'd better unpick this knitting now or it'll languish in a corner somewhere.

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