Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I feel I should write a post that says more than......

Fuzzle Wuzzle!

So far that's all that's popped into my brain as I sit here and think about what I should have planned to write about today. I blame the heat it's causing my brain to overheat and think
Fuzzle Wuzzle!

But on to more serious matters like I've left my Vampire gauntlets at my mother's along with all the trappings and pattern for the mittens. I'll have to work on something else tonight.

This does not bode well, the odds are I will slip back into my bad habits and knit nothing at all. Maybe I'll finally get the second half of the ribbing done on that beanie. I hate ribbing, I really must finish it or udo it. Alright my mind is made, I'll attempt to finish a bit more of the ribbing tonight until I can get my Vamp gauntlets back.

It's official, I can not find my Creative Knitting Scarf Special anywhere and as you've probably guessed it has a pattern I won't to use in it. The Moody Blues Scarf which I started organising yarns for is on hold because I can not find the pattern. Granted it was designed with using up scraps from your stash but I really wanted another look at the picture to gauge how wide each of my stripes would be and how they put the shades together.

Off the knitting front, I am going to watch around CSI (I love CSI!) Pirates of the Caribbean. I absolutely adore Johnny Depp and have fancied the man ever since I saw him in 21 Jump Street. I know 21 Jump Street, I'm really showing my age. But Johnny Depp hasn't changed much since then. If I were a Vampire Slayer I'd probably be suspicious.

Back on to the knitting front the Pirates have given me an idea. They would be a fabulous movie to knit a skull and crossbones project to. I'm so excited! Maybe I should start a Pirates knit-along and find some fellow skull knitters to join me. This could be the start of something very beautiful, perhaps I should quit the yarn diet now. No, I will be strong - the Pirates aren't going anywhere any time soon.

I'm afraid that's it for today, I failed to get any knitting done last night so I have no real progress to report. However I hope to have better luck tomorrow for you - provided I survive I have decided to be brave and try a Maggi Snack Stop Rice - Chilli Con Carne flavour.

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