Monday, January 10, 2005

OH YES!!!!

I completed a pair of mittens out of the Columbine. I am absolutley thrilled, one project down, 19 to go. However what these other projects will be.....let's see I have 4 already so I just need another 15.

15 FROM MY STASH??????? I don't think this is going to happen, well it might but it won't be interesting projects I am sure. I am thinking about a bag, I have this pattern I really like the look of, it comes form the Hiip To Knit book - Everyday Essentials(?). Cute little thing, I should be able to whip that up in no time, maybe more than one? I shall have to riffle through my yarn collection.
This will be a new experiance for me, normally I just like to roll around on it, well the cat seems to enjoy it and I'm begining to see why.

I would like to take this opptunity to talk about a knitter who has inspired me today. Amanda from ttbookjunkie knits has made what she calls her 50 First Dates Scarf and to keep it company a 50 First Dates hat, as you've probably guessed she's knitted them while watching the movie. I do believe she was going to create a full set and make mittens to boot. Since at the moment I'm Underworld obsessed, (I love the fact that my friend does know me as well as I suspect - Scott your absolutely right I loved it!) I have decided to take on a Underworld Something Project. It'll probably end up being a scarf as I am unable to stop knitting them. What would an Underworld scarf be like? What yarn do I own that could be well suited for this project? Why do I suspect I will break my vow of yarn poverty and buy more yarn?

Also thanks to Amanda I have discovered The Knotty Girls site, I am particulary in love with their Knitting Cocktails section. Any knitting project can only be improved with a good cocktail.

I'm planning for my third project to start, (the first being the faux fur scarf still under construction, the mittens finsihed!) I am going to try this Elegant Scarf with this yarn I got. If anybody else saw it in Chickenfeed it was the Knitting Nylon I will post some pics so you can all see, it's really weird looking. Then after this I might start another pair of mittens. I don't think I could make another pair at the moment even in another colour.

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