Thursday, January 27, 2005

Teething Troubles

I got absolutley no knitting done today. However I have been putting a lot of thought into my local SNB group.

One of the other members has suggested organising a yarn swap, this has me worried. Mostly because I'm unclear as to how this is all going to work - every time we talk about it another question seems to be raised. I can't wait for the next meeting to get together with the others and see what they all think

As well as the yarn swap there is also the starting time, I think for most people the earlier start would suit them better but this is by no means set in concrete. This one I think can be easily resolved.

Thankfully it wasn't as hot today, but I still failed to knit anything I know. I'm exorcising my right as a Bad Ass Knitter to not knit if I so choose. Also I'm kind of having yarn cravings, I won't new yarns and new projects. I want different to what I already have. Unfortunatly all that is 18 projects away....

Only another short one, it's not only my knitting I'm getting lax with. But I'm afraid nothing much else has happened to warrant being blogged about recently. I either need a new hobby or to get out more or both.

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