Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

As you've probably realised, the world hasn't ended. The party poppers turned out to be duds - now I know why they we're selling them off cheap at the supermarket......

The sparklers (how many years has it been?) turned out to my surprise to be gold ones - how cool is that? After that I stood around gawping at other people's fire works display thinking why didn't I think of that?

I've taken some pictures of the drinks, of my declasse glasses, my bar as I set it up earlier. Maybe I should take an after one? Hmmmmmm. Perhaps not. The dining room looks like a bomb hit it. No, just a knitter from the Darkside making shots. There we're so many other drinks I would have liked to tried, but I seem to be the only one drinking. I find myself making shots for other people and handing them out going here this is for you. However I didn't have to force a Poison on anyone, apparently I'm not the only pineapple juice freak.

I am very pleased to report, I have been officially accepted into the Redhead Blogs Ring. Yeah!! I am very excited, because I am highly proud of being a redhead. We are too far and few between - now I've found more!

I've spent the last hour and a half watching Cher in her Farewell Concert, I saw it when it was screened earlier this year and was hoping to see the Robbie Williams concert I haven't seen on the other channel. But my Father, unfortunatly had nowhere esle to go tonight, he likes Cher. How he feels about Robbie Williams is unknown, I doubt it'd be good though. Not to mind I love Cher.
She rates up there with Madonna in my respect.

I bought myself two new dvd's today, Rush Hour 2 which I love and think I like better than Rush Hour. And also Underworld, which I have never seen, but I couldn't wait for it to come to the local cinema which it never did. But a good friend who has very similar taste in movies and he assures me I would like it. Oh well, $20 will see if he's right. Thanks to him I also have some idea of what the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is about, I've been wondering about that since they did a remake.

Yes, I do at times wonder about strange things much to my parents alarm. You'd think they'd be used to it by now.

I'll post later today with the photos and hopefully more coherent news, I think I may even get some knitting done. I have to knit a cosy for my new mobile phone, pattern choice, yarn choice and then commencement!

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