Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Australia Day.

It's been a warm one, and I always have thought of myself as a fearless knitter. But the weather at the moment is making me think twice about picking up the needles and working on anything.

The Morally Bankrupt shoes are here, yes these are the Bad Ass Knitter/Underworld-Buffy Project/now also Pirate Project shoes. They have interchangeable motifs - a bat, a cross and a skull & cross bones. So you can see they will also have to become my Pirates of the Caribbean knitting shoes.
The great skull knit in project what will it be? I discovered fellow Australian blogger and knitter Katie from Katie Knits has knitted the Mini-Skull Tote from Hello Yarn.Of course being nosey and interested in this project and as Katie is a fellow Australian I had to ask what yarn she had used for the project. I'm hoping she's found a suitable local substitute for the project.

After all that talk of knitting last night, I did none. However I have knitted half of the first mitten from the second pair made from Columbine today. Does that make sense?
I've made a pair of mittens from the Columbine, now I've completed half of a mitten from the soon to be second pair. If you think your confused how do you think I feel?

And my gripe for the day, I would love for you all to leave comments, I'll even take critiscism if it's constructive. But what I do object to is people using my comments section to promote their blog. And by this I mean leaving a comment that contains nothing more than a web address. That just pisses me off and as far as I'm concerned it's downright rude the equivelant of blog spam. I don't know if this is the correct term or if a term even exists, well if not it does now.

Before I wrote this post I did todays junky tidbit so you can find it below and that's it for today boys and girls.

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