Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Look The Rock! Isn't he Purr-fect?

Tonight when I should be knitting, I will be willingly and wantonly distracted by The Rock.

Walking Tall has finally come out on DVD and I danced (maybe danced is an overstatement, but I want you all to know how excited I was) into my local movie rental establishment. And while there I also hired Catwoman because she looks tough and I thought she could guard my stash from maurading yarn stealers. I know they exist, you'll all be sorry if you don't listen to me.

I went grocery shopping today - always an exciting adventure. I was trying to be restrained, the yarn diet may become involuntary if I can't save some money. DVD sales are my weakness and the only trouble is somebody somewhere is always selling off some DVD's cheap and since I have no life outside of my own imagination I rely on other sources of entertainment, which are vital for boring projects. And after 2 mins all my knitting projects become boring. I have Knitting Deficeit Disorder I can't help it.

Back to the gorcery shopping, somehow chocolate cake and King Island cream found their way into my trolley. I can't imagine how..........
And not only did they jump into my trolley uninvited they brought a friend. The NEW Kahlua coffee.

I plan to attempt to knit during Catwoman, during Walking Tall with The Rock I plan to sit down with chocolate cake and cream and a pot of Kahlua coffee. I know attempting to do anyhting else will end in failure The Rock has a tendancey to make me forget who I am let alone what I was knitting. I can picture how many rows I would have to undo now. It's not a happy thought.

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Katt said...

I watched walking tall last week. Its a good movie. Love it. Watched all the bonus stuff (well except the directors commentary..Watched the Rocks commentary though that was a crack up!).

So my dear enquiring blog readers want to know got anymore of your 20 items done?