Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Charity Yarn Diet V The Bad Ass Knitter

As a fan of wrestling, there's nothing I like more than a good match up. If only I got it......

Today I've decided to tackle a slight contradiction I have put myself into. As a Bad Ass Knitter I should be buying as much yarn as I want as often as I want. But upon taking on the yarn diet I am going against that by not buying yarn till 20 projects are completed. Well I suppose I will be kind of buying yarn when I want.

However I am not totally convinced.

All this talk about my Underworld project, once again a big thankyou to Amanda who suggested some colour suggestions. After much contemplation I only came up with black which I don't think I have a huge quantity of.
But I am going to be more adventurous now.

I have decided since I can't buy yarn I shall instead buy inapropiate footwear, but suitable all the same for a knitter from the Darkside making an Underworld project. These are my first and only pick so far Demonia ~ Witch Coffin Heels.
Any generous benefactors who'd like to give me these shoes?

I was at the first meet-up of Stitch N' Bitch Launceston yesterday and I made a start on the bag from Hip To Knit - Bare Necessities. I'm knitting it up out of Paton's Twister, I think it is one of their older yarns - nobody has heard of it. I spent the most of this afternoon working on it as well I am loving it! It's knitting up better than I expected.

With any luck the next time I write I will have heard from landlord about when he's sending the plumber to fix my hot water service, but what's another day after months?

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