Monday, January 24, 2005

The Vampire is Growing!

I worked on the Vampire (formerly Underworld - Underworld/Buffy) gauntlet last night, rewatching the early episodes of Season Two of Buffy. I discovered after counting my stiitches I was a stitch short. I couldn't be bothered taking the row back by that time of night and making one and re-knitting the rest of the row. I am past the lacey section and onto knit up the hand and thumb section.
Hopefully the first half of Project 3 will soon be finished!

Apart from that, stuff has been very slow and very hot. I really don't like the heat it causes me to melt. I am so looking forward to winter, I can remember it wasn't all that long ago I couldn't wait for it to be summer. What was I thinking?

As you've probably noticed from the last couple of days posts there's y post and some weird junky tidbit. I love weird junky tidbits and I figure if nothing else it'll tell you something about me. I love weird junky tidbits amongest other things.

Anyway today's is about Buffy, surprise surprise. I'm afraid that's all for today I must go and put my yarn in the fridge.

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